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Fleet management software, the Actia Telematics Services example

Find out how Actia Telematics Services overcame its challenges in the field of advanced telematics solutions for optimal fleet management. Deuse was asked to create a mobile version of their IoTrack platform that would be both intuitive and effective, enabling fleet management from anywhere.


Our customer

Formerly known as Market IP, Actia Telematics Services (ATS) is a company that started in 2001 and was acquired by the Actia Group in 2017. ATS is now headquartered in the Namur region and is part of the Actia divisions active in America and throughout Europe.

ATS specializes in the development of advanced telematics systems. These technologies enable optimized management of vehicle fleets. For example, if the police in the Liège region wants to monitor and manage its vehicles in real-time, they could choose the solutions offered by Actia Telematics Services.

Their offering is not limited to one type of software: ATS offers a diverse range of products tailored to different needs. These include IoTrack, Telefleet, Ecodrive, and Geoplanning. These four solutions meet specific and diverse fleet management requirements.


Their needs

Over the years, and to meet as many needs as possible, ATS has focused on developing web applications instead of mobile applications. This focus has led to a decrease in their expertise in mobile technologies, allowing them to focus more on web development.

When they wanted to develop a mobile application for their IoTrack platform, a web solution designed to optimize fleet mobility data management, they faced a challenge: they did not have enough internal resources for this project.

To address this issue, ATS turned to Deuse. The goal was to translate the key functionalities of this platform to mobile, so that users could access their essential services from anywhere.


Our solution

To meet ATS's demand, our team dedicated itself to developing the mobile version of IoTrack. This project was planned over three sprints, with each sprint defining the key functionalities for creating the mobile application. We also started from the functional specifications and the IoTrack platform to propose an efficient and intuitive mobile version to the client.

The mobile application offers, among other things, an essential first module: an interactive map. On this map, users can view all assets - whether they are people, devices, or vehicles. Each asset is marked on the map, accompanied by its current status: in motion, engine idling, or parked. This functionality provides a precise overview of the location and status of the assets.

By clicking on one of these assets, the user gains access to a descriptive sheet with specific details: distance traveled, average speed, fuel consumption, etc. Websocket technology (an advanced technology that opens a bidirectional communication channel between a browser (client) and a server) has been used to update the user in real-time on the position of the asset. Furthermore, an advanced filtering system allows users to sort assets based on various criteria, such as type, status, or group membership.

Visual of the ATS application

Another important feature is the creation of a point of interest. This is a predefined area that allows administrators to receive notifications when an asset comes near this predefined location, such as a gas station. This feature enhances asset management and monitoring by providing a detailed and up-to-date analysis of their usage.

Thanks to these features, the IoTrack mobile application transforms fleet management into a precise, flexible, and interactive experience.


The advantages

The development of the mobile app IoTrack brings significant benefits, both for the user and for the overall efficiency of fleet management.

The first step in the development process was to reduce the number of existing features on the platform and consolidate the key functionalities to enhance the user experience. This results in more intuitive navigation and easier usage, directly addressing the essential needs of the users.

Next, we focused on enhancing the platform's accessibility for fleet managers. They now have immediate access to information via their smartphones, eliminating the need to use a computer to obtain important data. This accessibility is a significant advantage, ensuring quick and effective information checks for professionals who are always on the go.

Finally, the optimization of the mobile app through the use of websockets enables smooth and continuous updates of information. This technology allows for highly accurate real-time tracking of assets on the map, providing an immediate and up-to-date overview of the fleet's status.


Our partnership

The collaboration with ATS has proven to be a particularly positive experience for our team at Deuse.

From the outset, ATS demonstrated a high level of precision in their expectations by providing a detailed list of desired functionalities for the mobile version. This initial clarity facilitated an efficient start during our first meeting, where we accurately identified their needs and went through the requirements together.

We also held a second meeting at our offices to discuss the features to be implemented in detail. This not only facilitated mutual understanding of the objectives but also strengthened the bond between our two teams.

Throughout the development process, communication with ATS remained smooth and constructive. They made themselves available to answer our questions, and their precision in feedback allowed us to proceed with the project seamlessly. The communication lines remained open until the end of development, enabling us to refine the final steps and ensure that the application perfectly met ATS's expectations and needs.

In summary, our relationship has not only proven to be fruitful but also highly enjoyable. Both parties took a proactive approach to the challenges that arose, and our willingness to find joint solutions enabled us to progress hand in hand as the project advanced.

From this positive experience, we have decided to continue our collaboration on other applications offered by ATS, in the hope of a long-lasting and equally fruitful partnership.



Our collaboration with Actia Telematics Services (ATS) demonstrates that with the right partnership, truly practical tools for everyday business can be created. By developing a mobile application for IoTrack, we have made fleet management simpler and more accessible.

This project highlights the importance of good communication and solid planning. It also serves as a testament to how collaboration leads to solutions that make a difference.

Overall, our partnership has been a great success, paving the way for future projects, with hopes of continuing this positive trend.

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