Digital solutions tailored to the energy sector

Why digitalise the energy sector?

This rapidly changing sector experiences increasing pressure to deliver more renewable energy for the future and keep up with changing energy prices. Companies in this sector need to innovate to meet new consumer demands and might feel the need to rethink their business models. Technology is the ideal way for these companies to adapt to these changes.

With a customised digital solution, we can help our clients improve their internal organisation and management, increase production and performance or optimise the services/products they offer their customers.

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We help you meet the challenges of the energy sector

Your sector is made up of a large number of players facing challenges that are sometimes very different. What's more, we know that each company has its own specific characteristics, which is why we offer you tailor-made development. With a single solution, we can cover all your needs and help you overcome your challenges.

These industry players have put their trust in us to carry their projects

Meet our experts

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    Maxime Deuse

    Managing Director

    After obtaining a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Liège, Maxime completed studies in management engineering at the HEC (Liège). He is an entrepreneur at heart, with a passion for digital innovation. In 2016, together with his twin b...

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    Romain Dubois

    Engineering Coordinator

    Romain graduated in Computer Engineering from EPITA (Paris) and joined us in 2017 as a Software Engineer. He was later assigned the additional role of Engineering Coordinator. Romain trains our new developers and oversees the team and also our customers' projects. Besides ...

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    Julien Deuse

    Managing Director

    Julien holds a master's degree in Civil Engineering (electronics) from the University of Liège and then a master's degree in Management from KULeuven. In 2016, together with his twin brother Maxime, he founded Deuse, our IT engineering company. Julien takes care...

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