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Business management software

Pourquoi développer un logiciel de gestion ?

In recent years, business software (ERP, CRM and customised) has become an indispensable ally in boosting business growth. By covering all of your departments, they considerably improve your work processes, save you precious time and allow you to increase your company's performance. This tool is a real opportunity for your company!

Why choose Deuse?

  • Skills icon Intuitive software

    Intuitive software

    We develop fast software with accessible and user-friendly interfaces to ensure that your team's user experience is the best possible.

  • Skills icon Process improvement

    Process improvement

    We develop software adapted to your company's needs to solve your problems and/or improve your overall management and thus boost your performance.

  • Skills icon Quality code

    Quality code

    Our engineers use robust technologies to develop a solid and efficient platform. The quality of our code has been recognised by CETIC.

  • Skills icon Effective approach

    Effective approach

    Our approach covers all stages of the project (requirements definition, development, configuration, training, support) and ensures close collaboration with you via numerous validation stages.

The different steps in our process

  • 1. First meeting

    Define your needs

    During our first meeting, we take the time to discuss your project together to correctly define your needs and desires in order to offer you the best solution.

  • 2. Submission of a proposal for an approach

    The beginning of our collaboration

    Once we have correctly defined your needs, we will provide you with an offer that we will review together and adapt to meet your needs 100%.

  • 3. Meeting with the team that will carry out your project

    Development process of your management software

    Once the offer has been accepted, we introduce you to our project manager with whom you will be in contact throughout the assignment. We also take the time to explain our project management method, the Agile approach, known as SCRUM, which recommends dividing the development into several phases for better control of your budget.

  • 4. Analysis and development of your software by phase

    Realization of your management software

    At the beginning of each phase, we analyse the issues we are going to address. We then provide you with a proposed approach. Once the proposal has been validated, we start the development. When a phase is completed, we present you with a demonstration so that you can test your draft software. You can then give us your feedback and possible adaptations for the rest of the project. Once this phase is completed, we start the next one and so on until the complete realization of your management software.

  • 5. What next ?

    Our collaboration goes on

    We do not abandon you as soon as the development is finished, we remain at your disposal to train you on the tool, to answer your questions and your additional requests. We accompany you for the rest of your project.

Our cooperation, a well-rounded process

When you start a project with us, we follow a proven process to ensure that you will be satisfied with your new application.

They trusted us for their management software, Check out some of our projects

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Is there something you would like to ask us or something we can help you with?

Do you have any questions or are you still stuck with some doubts? Then feel free to take a look at the list of most common customer questions.

  • Group 3 Standardised or customised software, which one to choose?

    There is no right or wrong choice, it all depends on your needs. If the process you want to digitise is close to a standard software solution, we advise you to opt for this solution. Even if you have to foresee licence fees, it will generally cost less to implement and maintain than customised software, so it is more interesting.

    On the other hand, if the process to be digitised does not correspond to standardised software, it is preferable to start with customised software. Standard software works well if you stay close to how it works, but if you have to adapt it too much, it starts to become complex and it will lose its effectiveness. In this case, it is better to choose custom software development because we lose less time, we can develop software that is closer to the process you imagine and we don't distort the standard software. 

    To find out which option is the best, contact us, we will discuss your project together to determine your needs and choose the best possible solution.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 Which software should you choose, web interface or fat client (installable on the PC)?

    The choice between these two types of software depends on your needs, they each have their specificities. The strengths of one are often the weaknesses of the other.

    Let's start with the web interface (also called web client): this is a web interface that works with a connection and is therefore accessible from any device. Among its main advantages is the fact that a web interface has a central database which allows several people in a company to use the same software and have access to the same data. This type of software does not require any installation or update on the user's device, it is enough to refresh the page to use the latest version unlike fat-client software where each update must be installed on all computers. Maintenance is therefore less expensive for a web interfaceThe data being stored on secure servers, they are well protected and moreover, you can retrieve them from any device as it is web-based (Windows PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, ...). In the case of a thick client, if the computer on which the software is installed suffers damage and if the thick client is not connected to a central database, which is often the case, you can lose your data.

    A fat client is software that you install on your computer and the data is mostly stored on a hard disk. One of the strong points of this type of software is that it can be used anywhere since it works without an internet connection. A fat client offers more functionality because you have access to the components of the computer as well as the files stored on it. It is more efficient for multimedia and graphic software which are generally too heavy for the web (Photoshop, Illustrator, ...).

    To help you know which approach to choose for your software, we advise you to contact us to discuss your project together and thus identify your needs and choose the best possible management software.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 Do I own the solution (intellectual property or lease)?

    If you have chosen a standard management software, it is usually a rental. You have a licence and you do not own the solution. On the other hand, if you have opted for customised software, you are the owner of the solution and you can do what you want with it, depending on the case and your contract.

    We would like to point out that there is no one solution that is better than the other, the choice between standard software and customised software depends on your needs. To find out more, see the question "Standard software or customised software, which to choose?

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, our software development company will take the time to discuss your project.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 How does the business analysis work?

    An expert from our team with a managerial profile (coming from a business school) and not a computer scientist will take over the management of your project and will come and challenge your company on its processes and ask you questions about its current functioning as well as the direction you wish to take. This manager will then formulate your ideas and pass them on to our engineers who will then develop the ideal management software to meet your needs.

    This analysis is essential because it determines the next step in your project. It is important to understand your needs so that we can respond to them.

    If you wish to digitise your processes or improve them, do not hesitate to contact our software development company, a manager will take the time to analyse your processes.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 What about data migration from the current system?

    Usually, when we integrate a management software or a business software, we have data in a historical system, an Excel file or any other computer system. Often we will want to retrieve some or all of this data. 

    In this case, this needs to be well communicated at the beginning of the project. Our software development company will then create a migration plan that will either retrieve the information when we put the new tool online and adapt it to match the data structure of the new tool, or, bridge the gap between the different tools to be able to retrieve the information in all systems.

    To find out which technique is best for your project, contact us and we will discuss the different possibilities together.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 Can we start using the software before we have finished everything?

    It all depends on how we have organised the work, but it is quite possible. With the Agile project management methodology and more specifically the Scrum method, which divides a project into several phases, we can make this happen.

    If you want to put the software into production before the end of the development, you can structure the project in such a way that we can finish module by module. This way, you and your employees can already start using it. Little by little, our software development company will migrate more and more users to the new system until the whole software is developed.

    Working in this way can be a good idea, as it allows the end user to become familiar with the solution gradually instead of throwing in a lot of features at once, which they might not be able to handle.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 Can we interface with third-party software (API, CRM, accounting, etc)?

    Yes, it is possible, but it depends, of course, on the third-party software, whether it allows it or not. Our software development company does this quite regularly, whether it's with Odoo, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Force, Bob50, Winbooks or with payroll, CRM or accounting systems. We will inject or retrieve data from one place to be used and re-injected into another.

    If your project involves a system like this, you need to let us know when we define your project requirements so that we know how to go about it.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 What about user roles and permissions?

    Most of the time, when our team develops enterprise software, we build in a system of roles and permissions for users. This means that several users will be able to log in to the software with an email address and a password or with the company account. Our software development company will be able to assign them roles. Some will have the right to view and edit certain parts and others will not. You choose what your users can and cannot do on your software. 

    This system of roles and permissions makes it possible to improve security at the user level, and of determining the possible actions of your users.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 What about the security of my data?

    The security of your data is one of our team's priorities because we know that it is a key element for your success. That's why we are vigilant about it. To ensure optimal protection, our software development company has established a series of measures.

    For the majority of the projects that we develop from scratch, we ensure that the host header is validated, the sessions are secure and the SSL/HTTPS certificate is up to date. We also protect you against clickjacking, cross site scripting, SQL injection and cross site request forgery (CSRF). In addition, we make a daily backup in external backups of the server on which we have installed your management software. Note that the servers and cloud services we rent are hosted in Europe. Please note that some confidential information may be encrypted at the database level, if necessary.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 Which project management method do you use?

    We have chosen the Agile methodology and more precisely the Scrum method to manage all our projects. This choice was made  because this approach was originally designed for IT development companies. We chose Scrum because we are convinced that it is the best method for developing the ideal solution for your needs.

    The principle of this approach is to divide a project into several work phases called sprints. Each phase starts in the same way, you list the features that our team will develop during the sprint. Our project manager helps you make this list and passes it on to our engineers. When a phase is finished, you can test what has been developed. The aim is to check whether the project meets your expectations. If you want changes, this is when you can ask for them. They will be placed in the next sprints. This cycle is repeated until your business software is fully developed. Frequent delivery of parts of the project allows you to adapt to possible changes, which is not possible in a more traditional project method such as Waterfall, which calls for a specification and product development in one go. 

    Our software development company works with you throughout the project, so that we are fully aware of your expectations and needs.

    In order to constantly improve and offer you the best solution, this approach includes a time between each sprint to take stock of our work, to see if there are elements to improve or positive points to reinforce. It is a very constructive method that allows us to develop the best possible enterprise software.

    If you want to know more about the benefits of this approach and why we advise you to choose the Agile method for your project management, we invite you to read our article

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 Where do you operate?

    If you need a management software for your company, wherever you are, contact us and we will take the time to discuss it together. Our software development company has an office in Brussels, in Liège and one in Hasselt but we work all over Belgium, especially in Mons, Charleroi and beyond. We accept all European projects.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 Can we connect the interface with a web platform or e-commerce?

    Yes, we can interface your software with your web application or e-commerce. This system will make your management much easier. 

    If you have an e-commerce, our software development company can, for example, link it to your invoicing software, so that as soon as a purchase is validated on your e-commerce, the invoice is directly encoded in your system. You don't have to do it manually afterwards, which constitues a real time-saver.

    We can interface your business management software in different ways to your web or e-commerce platform. If you want to link them, let us know at the beginning of your project so that we can set up this system in an optimal way.

    Our expert’s answer