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Web platforms and interfaces

Pourquoi développer une plateforme web ?

From the customised web application to the matchmaking platform, web platforms and interfaces offer many advantages. They ensure, among other things, the visibility of your company and allow you to stand out from your competitors. A well-developed platform also allows you to convince and retain customers or improve the performance of your teams. You understood it right: a well-designed platform is a key element in the success of your project!

Why choose Deuse?

  • Skills icon Intuitive platform

    Intuitive platform

    We develop fast platforms with accessible and user-friendly interfaces so that your customers' user experience is the best possible.

  • Skills icon Eye-catching design

    Eye-catching design

    Our design and marketing experts work closely with our engineers to develop a platform that will appeal to your customers.  

  • Skills icon Quality code

    Quality code

    Our engineers use robust technologies to develop a solid and efficient application. The quality of our code has been recognised by CETIC.

  • Skills icon Effective approach

    Effective approach

    Our approach, which is SCRUM-based, covers all stages of the project (requirements definition, development, configuration, training, support) and ensures close collaboration with you via numerous validation stages.

The different steps in our process

  • 1. First meeting

    Define your needs

    During our first meeting, we take the time to discuss your project together to correctly define your needs and desires in order to offer you the best solution.

  • 2. Submission of a proposal for an approach

    The beginning of our collaboration

    Once we have correctly defined your needs, we will provide you with an offer that we will review together and adapt to meet your needs 100%.

  • 3. Meeting with the team that will carry out your project

    Development of your platform

    Once the offer has been accepted, we introduce you to our project manager with whom you will be in contact throughout the assignment. We also take the time to explain our project management method, the Agile approach, known as SCRUM, which recommends dividing the development into several phases for better control of your budget.

  • 4. The first phase: design

    What will your platform look like?

    We organise a meeting to find out your expectations regarding the interface and design of your web platform. Together we create wireframes, interface prototypes, so that you can visualise your project. Our designer uses your graphic preferences and the wireframes to produce the final designs.

  • 5. Development of your web platform in phases

    Realization of your web platform

    At the beginning of each phase, we list the features to be produced. When we have finished developing them, we present you with a demonstration so that you can test your provisional platform. You can then give us your feedback and possible adaptations for the rest of the project. Once this phase is over, we start the next one and so on until the complete realization of your website.

  • 6. What next ?

    Our collaboration goes on

    We do not abandon you as soon as the development is finished, we remain at your disposal to train you on the tool, to answer your questions and your additional requests. We accompany you for the rest of your project.

Our cooperation, a well-rounded process

When you start a project with us, we follow a proven process to ensure that you will be satisfied with your new application.

They trusted us for their web development, Check out some of our projects

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Is there something you would like to ask us or something we can help you with?

Do you have any questions or are you still stuck with some doubts? Then feel free to take a look at the list of most common customer questions.

  • Group 3 What about security measures?

    Our web development agency implements a series of measures to guarantee optimal security for your system. 

    For the majority of the projects we develop from scratch, we provide protection against cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery (CSRF), SQL injection and clickjacking. We also ensure host header validation, up-to-date SSL/HTTPS certificate and session security. We perform a daily backup in external backups of the server on which your platform is installed. Note that some confidential information may be encrypted at the database level if necessary. 

    Our team of web developers do their utmost to guarantee the security of your project and your users because we know that this is an essential element for your success.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 What about data and data sharing?

    The data belongs to the clients and in general they are free to do what they want with it.

    Our web development company makes every effort to respect the GDPR in all our creations. We are regularly audited by the CETIC (Centre for Applied Computer Research) on the quality of our development and we get good scores every time.

    It is important to our web developers that your users' data is secure, that there is no loss of data or hacking. Security is a key element for us and we invite you to consult the question related to security measures to learn more. We are, however, quite flexible and if you have any specific comments about data protection, please let us know and we will look at how to implement them.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 What is responsive?

    Responsive is about creating a web interface that is also mobile friendly, that looks a bit like a mobile application without being one. If you want an application that is user-friendly and close to your users, developing a mobile application may be more suitable for you. 

    Responsive is an indispensable element in web development because today, mobile browsing is as important - if not more important - than web browsing. Your web application must therefore be perfectly adapted to the mobile.

    All web platforms developed by our web agency are responsive.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 How can I manage the data on the platform? Do I have to go through you for every change?

    No, you don't have to go through our web development agency to make every change.

    When we create a web development, we usually set up an administration interface that allows you to modify and adapt a whole range of information on your web platform. We can make more or less elements editable according to your wishes. Our team explains how this interface works so that you can make changes independently.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 What project management approach do you use?

    The project management method we use internally is the Agile method, more precisely Scrum. We of course chose this methodology because it was invented for IT development companies. Today, it is adapted to many fields of activity. The Agile approach favours regular deliveries of the developed product throughout the project and active collaboration with the clients. One of the main advantages of this method is the ability to adapt to changes that occur during the course of the project.

    With this approach, each project is divided into several phases, called sprints. When a phase starts, you make a list, with the help of our project manager, of the features to be developed during the sprint. At the end of the sprint, you can try out what our team of web developers has achieved and if you want to make changes to your web application, that's when you can request them for the next sprint. We will continue to work through the sprints until your entire product is developed. In the interest of continuous improvement, the Agile method includes a time after each sprint to evaluate our work in order to reinforce what worked well and to improve any negative points.

    We believe that this approach allows us to develop the best possible solution. If you would like to find out more about why we advise you to choose the Agile method for your project management, we invite you to read our article.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 How long does development take?

    It is difficult to give a precise time estimate because each project is different and therefore requires a different development time. 

    Generally speaking, our web agency recommends that you count between 2 months and 1 year for a web development. The duration varies according to the complexity of the web application to be developed, the number of interfaces, etc. For these reasons, some projects are faster than others, but a minimum of 2 months is required. 

    If you have a web application project and would like to know how long it will take to develop, contact us and we will discuss your project together.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 How does the design part of a web development work?

    The design part is divided into several parts. First of all, our web agency will check with you if your company already has a logo and a graphic charter. If so, we will ask you to send them to us as they will play a decisive role in the creation of the design, especially the graphic charter.

    Next, to find out more about your tastes and what direction to take in our creation, you will need to make a list of web platforms that you use often and whose design/interface you like. For this part, focus only on the design of the platform, not on how it works.

    Finally, our designer will propose a first design that he will have created on the basis of the data you will have sent us as well as the wireframes (mock-up, architecture of your web application that allows you to visualise and structure it) made by our team before the design part. This first proposal aims to gather your opinion in order to adapt the design of your web application to match your desires.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 What about intellectual property and source code?

    As you can see from our terms and conditions, our web development company generally assigns the exploitation rights of our creations to our clients.

    Once we have completed the development of your web platform, you are free to do whatever you want with it. You should, however, be careful because some parts of your web application do not belong to you. Indeed, there are parts of your platform that are based on technologies or libraries, for example Django, Laravel or React js, and the intellectual property of these parts belongs to them. Other parts of your web application are also based on Deuse libraries, the intellectual property of these parts belongs to our web development agency. However, you own the exploitation rights of these parts. 

    Please note that you own the code that we have developed specifically for your project and that you can request the source code if you wish.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 How does maintenance work?

    Maintenance depends on the hosting you choose. If you decide to host your web application with us, maintenance is included in our hosting contract, our web agency will take care of it.

    If you prefer to host your web solution elsewhere, there are two possibilities: if you have small requests, we will take care of them ourselves and if your requests require a certain number of working days, we will divide them into several work phases (the phases correspond to the sprints of the Agile project management method that we use internally). This is to facilitate the management of your budget.

    We would like to draw your attention to an important distinction: maintenance and continuous improvement of your web application are two different things. By continuous improvement, we mean adding new features to your platform, making adaptations, that is the evolution of your project and that is not taken into account under maintenance. Maintenance is the updating of libraries, dependencies and security flaws of your web application as well as the correction of possible bugs.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 In which region do you work?

    We work everywhere: in Belgium, Luxembourg and Europe. We have clients in the major cities of Belgium such as Brussels, Liege, Mons, Namur and Charleroi. We have three offices: one in Liège, one in Brussels and another in Hasselt to be as close as possible to our clients, but we can also travel. Wherever you are, if you have a web development project, contact us so that we can discuss it together.

    Our expert’s answer
  • Group 3 Can we interface with management software?

    Yes, we can interface your web platform or your e-commerce with your management software. It is even very interesting to set up this system.

    If you link your e-commerce to your management software, your various processes will be automated, which will save you time. For example, as soon as a customer buys a product, the invoice is directly encoded in your software, you will not have to encode each invoice manually. You can also choose to link your e-commerce to your stock management system, you will then know, in real time, how many pieces you have left and you will be able to manage it better.

    Our custom software company can help you optimise your e-commerce or web platform by interfacing it with the right software. To do so, contact us and we will discuss your project together.

    Our expert’s answer