Development of

tailor-made ERP

Pourquoi développer un ERP sur-mesure ?

A customised ERP system can offer companies several advantages over standard solutions. By tailoring the software to your specific needs and workflows, you can increase your company's efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity. Moreover, a customised ERP system can integrate with your existing software and workflows, giving you a competitive advantage by optimising your operations.

Why choose Deuse?

  • Skills icon Intuitive software

    Intuitive software

    We develop software with accessible, user-friendly interfaces to give your team the best possible user experience.

  • Skills icon Process optimisation

    Process optimisation

    We develop software tailored to your company's needs: we efficiently address problems so you can improve the overall management of your business, increasing your efficiency.

  • Skills icon Tailor-made solutions

    Tailor-made solutions

    Every company operates differently and has its own specific workflows, which is why we offer you a tailor-made solution that's 100% adapted to your processes. You'll have the perfect tool for your company!

  • Skills icon Efficient approach

    Efficient approach

    Our approach covers all stages of the project (definition of requirements, development, configuration, training, support) and ensures close collaboration with you through numerous validation stages.

The different steps in our process

  • 1. First meeting

    Define your needs

    During our first meeting, we take the time to discuss your project together to correctly define your needs and desires in order to offer you the best solution.

  • 2. Submission of a proposal for an approach

    The beginning of our collaboration

    Once we have correctly defined your needs, we will provide you with an offer that we will review together and adapt to meet your needs 100%.

  • 3. Meeting with the team that will carry out your project

    Development process of your management software

    Once the offer has been accepted, we introduce you to our project manager with whom you will be in contact throughout the assignment. We also take the time to explain our project management method, the Agile approach, known as SCRUM, which recommends dividing the development into several phases for better control of your budget.

  • 4. Analysis and development of your software by phase

    Realization of your management software

    At the beginning of each phase, we analyse the issues we are going to address. We then provide you with a proposed approach. Once the proposal has been validated, we start the development. When a phase is completed, we present you with a demonstration so that you can test your draft software. You can then give us your feedback and possible adaptations for the rest of the project. Once this phase is completed, we start the next one and so on until the complete realization of your management software.

  • 5. What next ?

    Our collaboration goes on

    We do not abandon you as soon as the development is finished, we remain at your disposal to train you on the tool, to answer your questions and your additional requests. We accompany you for the rest of your project.

Our cooperation, a well-rounded process

When you start a project with us, we follow a proven process to ensure that you will be satisfied with your new application.

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