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Flask is a Python-based framework used to make simple web applications, microservices and management software.

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Why use this technology Flask ?

  1. Quick results

    Flask is a lightweight framework with a fast implementation which allows you to start the creation phase almost directly and see the first results very quickly. It is the right technology if you need an application quickly.

  2. A flexible solution

    Flask is especially suitable for small applications, but it is also suitable for companies with many departments. It allows you to create individual applications for each department. Flask can be easily adapted to your needs.

  3. The benefits of Python

    The Python framework allows you to exploit the advantages of this language such as its speed of writing, which reduces development costs and simplifies maintenance as there is less code to read. 

Our greatest success stories Flask

    Development of a ticketing solution

    We developed a complete ticketing solution for WEX (Wallonia Expo) to optimise the management of visitor flow. This application considerably reduces queues at the entrance to events and makes it possible to easily manage more than 10,000 visitors per day during a trade fair.

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