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Node JS is a framework based on the Javascript language that makes it easier to develop web applications, among others.

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Why use this technology Node JS ?

  1. A quick application

    Node JS quickly performs tasks such as writing to or reading from a database, file system, or network connections, resulting in a super fast application, a key criterion for retaining your users. 

  2. Versatile developers

    The fact that the Node JS is based on Javascript makes it possible to develop both the interface and the connection to the database, which reduces the number of people involved in the project. The team will be composed of versatile developers.

  3. A developer-friendly solution

    Node JS is used by web giants such as Netflix, Paypal, Google and Linkedin. This worldwide community demonstrates the popularity of this technology.

Our greatest success stories Node JS

    Data recovery and processing (IoT)

    Our client called on us to retrieve and optimise its online energy management solution for building owners. All information is automatically transmitted to secure servers. The system facilitates the processing and online consultation of energy consumption data. It also alerts in case of malfunction or over-consumption. This tool allows for optimal management of energy consumption in each home.

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