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Customised stock management software for CRM Group

Find out how CRM Group, a Liege-based research and development spin-off linked to ArcelorMittal, overcame the challenges of managing its steel coil stocks. Faced with the limitations of manual and paper-based tracking, the company called on Deuse's expertise to create bespoke stock management software. This fruitful collaboration led to the development of an innovative solution, facilitating the precise tracking of coils from their entry into stock through to their processing and delivery.


Our customer

CRM Group is a spin-off that focuses on research and development for the company ArcelorMittal. It is located in Liège, at Sart-Tilman, and it focuses on the production, processing, coating, and use of metal materials since 1948.

Their expertise lies in treating steel on specific production lines. Materials, and more specifically steel, are transformed to increase resistance and quality. For large coils such as those transported by train, for example, it is now possible to produce them on a smaller scale. Production lines have been set up to improve the resistance and quality of the steel through a series of treatments.

Services of CRM Group

Extensive collaboration takes place with major industrial players, including not only ArcelorMittal but also car manufacturers. Their goal? Continuing research to refine the quality of steel. This approach lays the groundwork for industrial production, transforming innovations into concrete products. CRM Group leads this development from its testing facilities.


Their needs

In the past, coil inventory checks were mainly conducted on paper using traditional methods. This practice had limitations in terms of efficiency and speed. They have many coils placed on lines to undergo treatments: they are either cut or undergo various treatments.

CRM Group needed to track the journey of each coil, from the moment it entered their inventory, the treatment it received, how it was cut according to each customer's requirements, to its delivery to those customers. They wanted a tool that could accurately track each step, but also determine the remaining inventory.

To meet this need, CRM Group enlisted the expertise of Deuse for the development of specialized inventory management software. Our mission: to design an intuitive and powerful system that supports CRM Group in optimizing their inventory management and improving their operational processes.


Our solution

The ambition of the developed software was to accurately map the journey of each coil, recording all treatments performed, details of cutting work, and shipment to end customers. This complete traceability enables CRM Group to efficiently manage its inventory.

Initially, the development of a mobile application was considered. However, after a thorough analysis of CRM Group's specific needs, it was found that the most suitable solution would be a hybrid platform, accessible both on mobile devices directly on-site and via a web interface for inventory management from the office.

The chosen approach was the development of a responsive website, optimized for smooth navigation on mobile devices. This website provides employees with the ability to scan the QR codes of the coils using their smartphones, marking their entry into the treatment process, and also includes desktop functionality for efficient inventory monitoring.

Our solution for CRM Group

This approach effectively addressed the two main challenges, offering a versatile solution that perfectly meets the client's needs. By avoiding the development of two separate applications, we achieved significant cost savings for our client. This customized solution combines the efficiency of mobile usage with the robustness of the desktop interface, making inventory management more intuitive. This success demonstrates our commitment to listening to our client and adapting our technological solutions to better meet their expectations.

At the outset of the final implementation, the exact impact of our solution has yet to be measured. Nevertheless, the expected optimization of inventory management, more agile and transparent, suggests that CRM Group will achieve significant benefits.


Our partnership

From the very beginning, we deemed it extremely important to deeply understand the requirements of CRM Group and their operational context. This approach was essential for building a smooth and harmonious relationship with the customer.

Our engagement with CRM Group started with immersing ourselves in their work environment. This approach enabled us to fully grasp their internal processes and specific needs. Although our initial thoughts leaned towards an exclusive mobile application, in-depth discussions with the client revealed the necessity of a more nuanced approach, leading us to develop a hybrid solution.

The project proceeded without any issues, reflecting a strong collaboration built on trust. CRM Group's recognition of our expertise and their willingness to accept our recommendations allowed us to adapt the solution optimally, laying the foundation for a sustainable and positive partnership.



Our collaboration with CRM Group went very well and exceeded our expectations. We not only developed the mobile application they wanted but also created a website that functions on both computers and mobile devices. This dual approach, catering to both mobile and computer needs, was achieved without exceeding our original budget.

We are very pleased with the result. The solution offers significant benefits in their daily operations, prompting CRM Group to consider using it elsewhere and exploring how we can improve it in the future.

This project has strengthened our ability to listen to our customers, adapt to their needs, and accurately meet their requirements without exceeding the budget.

Thanks to the CRM Group team for their trust; we are delighted to have you as our partner !

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