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Ameline Frennet

With a bachelor's degree in marketing from the University of Namur and a master's degree in economics and management, Ameline joined us as a product owner in 2021.

Ameline's role consists of listening to customers' ideas and passing them on to the developers in a clear and precise way so that they can develop the ideal solution. She supports and advises our customers during the implementation of their projects.

I love working with customers, watching their ideas grow and, of course, seeing the end result. I am also fascinated by teamwork with developers, even if I still don't always understand exactly how much work goes into developing a product (which is fascinating in itself). The IT world has a broad future for me and allows me to work with so many different sectors, which is very attractive to me. For me, being a product owner means 'being the architect' (both from an organisational and creative point of view) of a project, which is great.

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What's your favourite type of project?

I prefer more marketing-oriented projects: projects where we develop a product for a particular target group. They respond to market needs and you see an idea develop and eventually reach users. I love these kinds of projects immensely and they are also more interesting in terms of design and use. I can also get more into the skin of the user, unlike an in-house software project. Moreover, as a product owner, I can let my creativity run wild, which I really find a boost!

Is there a project that has stood out for you since you joined Deuse?

Yes, I enjoyed working on the CFE project, which was in the construction sector. It's a platform that brings together several of the group's construction sites for the purpose of exchanging materials. I found this project interesting for its marketing aspect and its objective, which is the company's desire to become more eco-friendly and to follow current environmental approaches, by promoting the re-use of materials.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I enjoy working with customers, watching their ideas grow and become a reality. I also enjoy working in a team with developers, whose work fascinates me. The IT environment, which to me is the future of almost everything, allows me to work with many different sectors, so I am constantly learning about all kinds of things. For me, being a product owner means being "the architect of a project", both from an organisational and creative point of view, and I love that.

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