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Engineering Coordinator

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Axel Cardinaels

With a Bachelors degree in computer graphics - web development from HEPL (Jemeppe) and a Masters degree in Management of Cultural Institutions from the University of Liège, Axel joined us in 2018.

Axel is responsible for maintaining the overall quality of projects. However, his main function in our company is to work on the design of our customers' projects to make them attractive, intuitive and pleasant to use.

I love the variety of tasks and the people I work with. Working on projects from all over the world motivates me, but helping the team to produce projects motivates me even more, both by taking part in the overall thinking behind the project and by helping them to maintain a focus on quality throughout production.

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Do you have a favourite type of project and technology?

The projects I like are the ones intended for the general public, with a marketing dimension behind them. I find that very stimulating because you have to think differently from, say, a tool for internal use. Everything in the design process has to be thought through from a marketing and sales perspective to convince customers. That really influences the whole development process.

I don't have a favourite technology. I really like our basic stack, Django and Python, but if you add a bit of React, it gets even better.

Is there a project that has stood out for you since you joined Deuse?

I would say that of Electric by D'Ieteren (EDI), because it is the project I have worked on the most. Through its subsidiary EDI, D'Ieteren started selling charging points for hybrid and electric cars and the group called on us to develop the commercial web platform. I thought this was a great project because we overthought every part of the platform. We got a chance to think about how to work on the different parts of the site and to see the impact of the flows we introduced. The goal was to improve the customer experience, from visiting the site to signing up for an offer, and of course to encourage purchases.

It was multidirectional and cross-platform, so the project was very challenging.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I like several things about my job:

The fact that I get fun and varied tasks. They also have to be challenging, otherwise it won't remain interesting.

Also: seeing a project evolve, come to fruition and become concrete at the end of the development and also seeing the customer's satisfaction, that they are genuinely happy with the result. The goal is to deliver quality projects.

Finally, the team and working environment play an important role. We have a great, sociable team, which makes projects run smoothly. For me, the social aspect goes hand in hand with the professional and vice versa. If there is no communication and exchange within the team, it doesn't work. At Deuse, we have a very close-knit team.