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Software Engineer

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Erwan Thebault

Erwan graduated as an engineer in computer engineering and network telecommunications from ENSEEIHT in Toulouse (France). He joined us in 2020 as a software engineer after completing his graduate internship with our company.

Erwan has several roles within our company: besides developing web and mobile applications, he is also a trainer for our new employees.

"What I like about my job is that there's never a dull moment. There's no routine that sets in; I work on a variety of projects in different fields. This pushes me to think about each problem in a different way, to adapt my way of thinking depending on the project and the customer."

To find out more Erwan, here’s some more information about him

Do you have a favourite type of project and technology?

Yes, absolutely: projects for mobile applications. As a developer, I work on all backend development and also integrate the design. It is very stimulating because there are so many challenges involved. Moreover, it gives a lot of satisfaction to have the application on your phone at the end of a project and be able to show it off. It gives you a certain sense of pride.

My favourite technology is the one we use for mobile applications: Flutter. It's a technology I really like because it evolves very quickly, there are always updates and new concepts to integrate. So we have to adapt on a daily basis!

Is there a project that has stood out for you since you joined Deuse?

I developed a super cool mobile application for Eiffage Benelux. The idea was to offer a sporting challenge to their employees, in the form of a route in different stages on a map of Belgium. Users can share their sporting achievements with others via a news feed, just like on a social network, and earn points. Via a ranking system, everyone can see the best employees/branches, encouraging everyone to give their all! Finally, the application has a charitable purpose, meaning that the company has raised a sum of money for associations, depending on the number of points each participant has accumulated. It really was a fun project to work on, with lots of challenges and a good cause to serve - a real pleasure!

What do you enjoy about your work?

It's a job that really never bores: every project has something unique, which means we have to constantly adapt. On a daily basis, you have to try to stay as up-to-date as possible with digital news, new technologies and/or tools. As this is a field that is constantly evolving, it is vital to keep up to date. It is a huge learning curve and you learn new things every day.