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Software Engineer

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Joachim Roekens

Joachim graduated in 2020 with a master's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Liège, with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence. That same year, he joined us as a software engineer.

Joachim deals with web development at the backend level (i.e. the 'invisible' functionalities of the project: database, sending e-mails, connection system, etc.), and he is also involved in the development of the software. His favourite projects are ERP.

I love the satisfaction I feel when I succeed in completing a complex or special task. I like to see that what I have developed also works effectively and that my code is 'clean'. I also value customer satisfaction highly.

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Do you have a favourite type of project and technology?

Yes, I prefer a more complex project that requires more than just displaying information from the database on web pages. For example, I am thinking of coding a calculator that gives an intelligent result based on the coded information, or a geographical system that allows you to indicate a location on an illustrated map that does not respect the shapes or distances of a real map.

In terms of technology, I love Git. It is a very important technology that allows different developers to work on the same project without disrupting each other's work, and also provides a clear and complete history of the written code. This technology makes it possible to work, clearly, precisely and cleanly, and manage different things in parallel.

Is there a project that has stood out for you since you joined Deuse?

Yes, I have been working on maintenance for the Mondo ERP project for several years now. This is a Belgian company that offers products and concepts in cleaning, hygiene, disinfection and maintenance for a wide range of professional and industrial sectors. The project itself is enormously complex and requires a very good knowledge of the business processes to ensure that their ERP can manage them easily and effectively.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I like what I call 'solving the puzzle'. When you're faced with a project that's a bit more complex, several challenges are raised and it's up to the developers to find a suitable solution. That's the part I like the most, because we have to think of an efficient, clean and solid solution that meets all the given constraints.