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Business Developer

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Pierre Rosmeulen

Pierre holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Henallux (Namur) and a Master's degree in Management Sciences in Banking & Asset Management from HEC Liège. He joined us in 2022 as business developer.

Pierre's role in our company is to understand our customers' needs and expectations in order to propose the most appropriate solution for their business, taking into account both the relational and technical aspects of projects.

What I like most about my work is the diversity. The diversity of experiences, people, backgrounds, skills, projects,... that I get to deal with.

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Do you have a favourite type of project?

I don't really have a 'favourite' type of project because, of course, each project has its own specific characteristics. So far, I have therefore never had to deal with 2 projects that were similar in every way. Take planning management projects for example: you would expect the framework to always be similar, but however, there are as many ways to manage a schedule as there are companies and working methods. If a company calls on Deuse, by definition it is because it wants something bespoke and therefore has a project for us that is unique and specific. In general, I like projects that we can build together with the client and that are the result of thorough collaboration.

What's your biggest challenge when selling a project to a customer?

For me, it is mainly about gaining the client's trust so that they give their project to us. Since every project is unique, we don't necessarily have experience in implementing it.... Of course, as part of the process, I will show other projects that are more or less similar to what the client wants to realise. The projects we present them form a solid framework for the client's request, and also make it easier for the client to imagine the range of possibilities. Either way, it is essential that the client can see himself with Deuse as a trusted partner.

What project are you proud to have sold? What was challenging about the offer?

Of all the projects I have worked on, one in particular springs to mind: our client had built the success of their business based on a management methodology they had developed over the years. They had reached the limits of what standard management tools could offer and wanted a tool that would allow them to effectively digitalise the management of their operations.

This involved 2 challenges: first, understanding all aspects of his working methodology very well in order to prepare a fair, accurate and attractive offer for the client. Second, convince him to hand us 'the keys' to his business, as the project required him to give us a complete and detailed overview of his working and management methods. Methods that have obviously made his business a success...We did all this, of course, with the aim of being able to convert this methodology as effectively as possible into a suitable management tool that maximises its added value.

What do you enjoy about your work?

What I like most about my work is the diversity. Diversity in experiences, people, backgrounds, skills, projects,... that I get to deal with. I meet new people every week, who have different needs, different problems, different personalities and therefore expect different answers to their specific questions. You have to be able to navigate through all that and in my job it is essential to dare to (re)invent yourself. Even if it is sometimes exhausting, it is a very enriching experience from which I really get a lot of satisfaction.