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Engineering Coordinator

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Romain Dubois

Romain graduated in Computer Engineering from EPITA (Paris) and joined us in 2017 as a Software Engineer. He was later assigned the additional role of Engineering Coordinator.

Romain trains our new developers and oversees the team and also our customers' projects. Besides all this, Romain is responsible for technology monitoring, actively keeping abreast of new technologies that we can use to replace outdated ones.

What I like about my job is the wide variety of projects, where you have to put yourself in your customer's shoes to understand their project and their point of view and then develop the best solution. Moreover, new technologies keep coming up all the time, so things are constantly changing. Staying up to date to offer our customers the best is therefore very important. You learn something new every day and your days are full - I love that!

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Do you have a favourite project type or technology?

No, not in particular. As a coordinator, I help my colleagues with different projects and it is precisely this variety that I enjoy, the ability to jump from one topic to another.

In terms of technologies, I like technologies that are not outdated and so we use at Deuse, such as Python, React and Flutter. Of course, I keep a close eye on new things coming to market to see what they can offer us. On the backend development side, for example, there is the language Go, which could become interesting to use in the coming years. In our field, keeping up to date is obviously very important.

Is there a project that has stood out for you since you joined Deuse?

I would say Tafsquare, a platform that connects individuals with construction professionals, because it was my very first project. I joined Deuse in 2017, so I was able to see the project evolve over time, which was very exciting.

What impressed me most was setting up our training centre. As the company started to grow, we thought about a system to efficiently train our new colleagues and ensure the quality of our projects. For this, we needed to learn even more about all the tools we use at Deuse to determine exactly what works and how best to use them. Since then, when a developer starts with us today, he or she has to undergo full training before being allowed to work on our customers' projects. I am very happy because the system works very well.

The establishment of this training centre has allowed us to challenge ourselves, learn more about our own tools and procedures and thus further improve the quality of our projects.

What do you like about your work?

The training side, whether it's when new developers arrive, as I've explained, but also when I'm monitoring ongoing projects, is very varied. I help and advise my colleagues on how best to structure new projects, while remaining available to help them with more complex tasks. I really enjoy this exchange of ideas to help projects move forward together.

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