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Growth Coordinator

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Romain Ledent

Romain holds a master's degree from Maastricht Business School and joined Deuse in 2019 as Product Owner, before becoming Business Developer in 2020 and Growth Coordinator in 2023.

His experience in different roles within our company allows him to perfectly understand the customer's needs and expectations so that he can provide the solution that is most appropriate, taking into account both the relational and technical aspects of the project.

I love having a 'front row seat' to new project requests, as it gives me the chance to meet many different people with inspiring ideas. I also love being able to come up with the software that allows our client's project to outperform the competition.

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Do you have a favourite type of project?

Yes, I prefer projects that require a certain level of technical expertise to provide a solution that meets the customer's needs as well as adding significant value to the end user (time savings, productivity, financial impact, etc.).

What's your biggest challenge when selling a project to a customer?

Explaining to the client that it is better to start with an initial basic version that has been 'stripped down' in terms of functionality in order to market it as soon as possible to gather user feedback, before adding other features whose appeal is uncertain. This is an approach we recommend to all our customers, regardless of their size.

What project are you proud of? What was challenging about it?

I am especially proud of D'Ieteren Electrics (EDI) project. The challenge was that they asked us to complete an initial project within a very tight deadline. It involved setting up a landing page for the Motor Show for several of their brands (VW, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat). I had to mobilise the teams and make it clear to them that we really had to prove ourselves here. We completed the challenge with flying colours and EDI became one of our biggest clients!

What do you enjoy about your work?

Without a doubt the wide variety of requests we receive. Every customer is different, with new challenges and problems that we need to listen carefully to, analyze, understand the user's challenges and identify the real added value they are looking for. The goal is to create a strategy on how we can deliver the offering to the customer. Each offer is a project in itself: meetings, analysis, technical study, collaboration with teams, drafting, presentation, follow-up, contracting, knowledge transfer, and so on.