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Tailor-made forest management software: the BF-Consult example

In our partnership with BF-Consult, a specialist in environmental and forest management based in Liège, we took on the challenge of digitalising their site control processes by developing forest management software. Find out how we modernised their practices, taking into account their specific constraints.


Our customer

BF-Consult, a company located in Liège, specializes in environmental and forestry management services. It aims to support both private and public enterprises in implementing their environmental and social policies.

BF-Consult's service offerings include technical and strategic analyses, as well as actions aimed at improving natural resource management and promoting sustainability in territories. The company manages forests spanning several hectares in Belgium and contributes to the sustainable management of over three million hectares in Africa.

BF-Consult also provides coaching for businesses, forest certifications, environmental assessments, practical training, expertise services, and the development of digital solutions. As experts in sustainable forest management, they create bespoke solutions that cater to the specific needs of their clients, including the development of digital tools tailored to the unique characteristics of each industry, leveraging expertise in digitalising professional know-how. These tools may manifest as software, mobile applications for professionals, or modules for spatial analysis of territories. It was within this specific context that BF-Consult sought our expertise.


Their needs

The core of the project lay in developing a mobile application for monitoring management measures for forestry companies in the Congo Basin sub-region.

Previously, field checks were conducted using traditional methods, primarily on paper. Although common, this practice had limitations in terms of efficiency and speed.

The ambition was clear: digitalising the manual process. By translating established procedures into a mobile application, the idea was to modernize and optimize field checks. This not only saved time but also improved the accuracy of the collected data.

This digital transition aimed to modernize how checks were conducted. With this application, users could input information directly in the field, thereby eliminating the risks of errors associated with transferring handwritten data. It was a crucial step toward more effective and modern environmental and forestry management.


Our solution

We have developed a mobile application specifically designed for tracking management procedures in the forestry sector. It is paired with an administrative web portal that facilitates user management, permission assignment, and tracking of data from various checks. This platform serves as a digital assistant, guiding users during on-site inspections.

How does it work? Stakeholders in the forestry sector can create customized checklists for control. A form template is provided as an example, but it is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of each company.

BF Consult project

This system offers companies the flexibility to select the appropriate checklist for their inspections. These inspections focus on predetermined aspects outlined in the checklist. The data collected during these inspections is valuable for statistical analysis, providing a detailed perspective on ongoing forest management.


The challenges we faced

The main challenge of this project lay in the nature of the developed mobile application, which required an internet connection to synchronize data. Users, mainly forestry companies, often find themselves in remote areas without internet access. This constraint led us to design a robust offline data management system. As a result, the application allows for local storage of information on the phone, ensuring subsequent synchronization with the server once the internet connection is restored.

The implementation of local databases proved to be crucial. It ensures the continued use of the tool, even in isolated conditions, thereby perfectly meeting the users' needs. This technical solution ensures that forestry companies can conduct their checks and collect data effectively, regardless of internet connectivity. This offline mode was a fundamental element for the success and adoption of the application by industry professionals.


Our partnership

Our collaboration with BF-Consult has been extremely positive. One of the significant advantages of working with them is their clear vision of the desired solution. They have a precise idea of the end result, both visually and functionally, which eliminates uncertainties and reduces the need for customization.

This clarity in expectations ensures a smooth progression of the project, with few surprises along the way. It allows us to focus on creating a tool that precisely meets the specific needs of BF-Consult. Their direct and detailed approach contributes to the success of the project, ensuring the delivery of a solution perfectly aligned with the client's objectives.



In conclusion, we have succeeded in digitalising a process that was originally paper-based, thus modernizing field control methods in Africa. This success takes into account the specific constraints of the region, notably the limited access to the internet. Our solution ensures delayed data synchronization, tailored to this environment.

The collaboration with BF-Consult has proven fruitful, paving the way for future projects stemming from this strong partnership. This experience confirms our ability to tackle technical challenges while meeting the specific needs of our clients.

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