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Product Owner

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Mathieu Guffens

Mathieu graduated from HEC (Business School) with a Master's degree in management and joined us in 2020 as a project manager.

Mathieu is responsible for project management and forms the connection between the internal teams (design & developers) and our customers, aiming to translate the latter's needs into the most appropriate tool.

I have the privilege of working on many different projects, and although I feel more at home with some of them than others, it is still fun to be involved in so many different things. I also love meeting clients from different sectors, which is definitely enriching. I also enjoy seeing that clients are happy with the results, which is very satisfying.

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Do you have a favorite type of project?

I really like mobile application projects, as I simply have more affinity and expertise in this field. I also like working on start-up projects, where we take care of everything from A to Z. It's very challenging to think about the whole solution, from the idea to the final product.

Is there a project that has stood out for you since you joined Deuse?

Yes, and a lot too: I'm lucky enough to manage a wide variety of projects and work with passionate people from different sectors. I'd say that the projects that stand out for me most are those that have a human dimension, where we use technology to improve the relational, communication and/or social aspect.

For example, the Visioframe project is a mobile application that helps maintain the link between an elderly person and his or her family. I think it's a very useful project, which makes sense, with great potential behind it from a user point of view.

I also enjoyed working on the Eiffage Benelux project, a mobile application that encourages employees to take part in sporting activities, while at the same time raising funds for charities. It's great to be able to set up an app that stimulates a team's sporting spirit and brings people together.

What do you like about your work?

The diversity of projects, I like being able to move from one to another, change sectors and respond to different requests. When you're a project manager, there's no routine, every day is different. There's absolutely no time to get bored!

What I also enjoy is thinking about the solution, guiding the customer during development so that the project is a success afterwards. With my experience, I know what works and what to avoid, so I can give customers the best possible guidance. It's very motivating to see projects come to fruition and our customers succeed.

And finally, I'd say the team. I think I've had the opportunity to work with all the developers in the company. They all have their own strengths, and I find it interesting to talk to different people and get other points of view on projects.