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A contact mining solution for BizzCardz

Our customer, BizzCardz, wanted to make it easier to get in touch with prospective customers. So they turned to us to develop their mining contact solution. Find out more about their project and the solution we developed to meet their needs.


Our client

BizzCardz is an IT company that provides contact mining solutions for B2B companies and organisations that manage large volumes of data. The BizzCardz application lets you manage your company's business cards and avoid wasting paper, among other things.

We spoke to Vivien Deneyer, CEO of BizzCardz. After carrying out market research and finding out more about Deuse, he decided to call on us to develop his solution. He was also very interested in the technologies we proposed. That's how our partnership began.


Their needs

BizzCardz wanted to develop a complete solution consisting of two parts: on the one hand, a mobile application for employees and, on the other, a platform for managing and generating business cards and exploiting the data collected with them.

The main motivation for implementing this solution was to avoid losing paper business cards.

"80% of business cards are lost or discarded, which contributes to paper waste".

This project will enable companies to move in a more environmentally friendly direction and also make it easier to connect with potential customers.


Our solution

BizzCardz is primarily a mobile application for exchanging business cards. With this app, you can scan other BizzCardz using a QR code and scan and digitalise paper cards by simply taking a photo. This functionality detects the information on the business card and then converts it into a contact that you can modify or supplement if necessary. Additionally, you can also import contact details from your phone.

On BizzCardz, you will find the person's name, company, position, contact information, and other details related to their business.

The mobile app encompasses several features:

All scanned business cards (both BizzCardz and physical cards) are visible on the "Contacts" page. You can add labels and assign them to your contacts to easily sort and find them. For example, you can add the meeting place, such as a trade show, to remember where you met that person.

The app also has the "Salon" feature, which allows you to find people who also have the app and are geographically close, especially during a business event.

Another feature is the "My Colleagues" page, where you can find the BizzCardz of all your colleagues. You can pin the ones you're interested in to have them directly on the page without having to search. This is useful if you regularly share the same BizzCardz. The purpose of this feature is to present their cards when you meet someone so that they can directly contact the right person.

The app is, therefore, a contact management system that gathers various information about these individuals. You can share this information with other platforms such as social media or contacts on a smartphone. This feature is particularly useful for people without BizzCardz, as they can add you as a contact directly from the information you have shared.

Our mobile app for Bizzcardz

The app is accompanied by an administrative web platform:

This administrative platform allows you to manage all employee data. The idea is for you to register as a company administrator and register your employees in the system. It is also possible to create departments and subsidiaries to distribute your employees among these entities. This information is noted on their BizzCardz. Each department can contain different information, such as unique email addresses.

One of the first functions is "Customise," where you can modify all the information on the BizzCardz of your employees. The goal is to personalise your BizzCardz according to your company's style. You can choose the typography, colors, information on the business cards, etc. The chosen design applies to all employees of your company, but you can also customise each department individually.

There is also the "Signature" feature, which allows you to generate email signatures for all employees. This is done based on all the "Customisations" that the company has set for the design of the BizzCardz.

Finally, there is the "Synchronisation" feature, which allows you to connect to an external system, such as Azure Directory, for example. The principle is simple: when you enter an employee into your software, it is also entered into BizzCardz. This avoids doing the same work twice. The same applies to exporting. You can export scanned data to an Excel file, but also directly to an external CRM system.

Constraints during the project development:

One of the first constraints of the project was to launch it in the market. "Digital transformation is complicated," explains Vivien. Many companies struggle to digitalise and do not yet see the benefits it could bring them. They had to raise awareness among companies with strong messages to implement their project.

Then, they had to address the issue of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a set of rules on the collection, processing, and storage of personal data. It was also important to ensure the security of data processing and transfer. The banking sector, for example, also requires data encryption. Everything was put in place to meet these essential constraints for the proper functioning of the application.

Finally, the client wanted a user experience different from paper. It was necessary to make the application more dynamic for an even more enjoyable user experience. Our team thought about the various features, how to arrange them, and make them intuitive and pleasant to use.


Our partnership

The collaboration went very well for both parties.

"It was smooth sailing from the very beginning: Arthur, the project manager, immediately understood our needs and those of our clients," Vivien explains. "Moreover, with Deuse we always had a deliverable planned in advance and deadlines were respected, which to me is an achievement in the IT world."

We are also happy with the collaboration. "We had a very good connection from the beginning: Vivien was a pleasure to work with because he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve. I am very happy with the work delivered and the way it was done. The result is really high quality," says Arthur.

Many thanks to the BizzCardz team for their trust. We are delighted to count you among our partners!

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