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Finance Coordinator

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Arthur De L'Arbre

Arthur graduated from HEC (Business School) with a master's degree in auditing and financial analysis. He joined us in 2021 as Product Owner after working in auditing for a company in Liege.

Arthur is one of our project managers and follows the project from signing to invoicing. His job is to support and advise our customers: he listens to their ideas and passes them on to the developers in a clear and precise way so that they can design the ideal solution. The idea is to build a stable working relationship with a common goal and mutual trust.

I enjoy working on both the technical and business aspects of projects. It is fun to interact with so many different sectors, as the profiles of our clients are so diverse. I also enjoy working in a team with different backgrounds (developers, managers, project managers and sales people).

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Do you have a favourite type of project?

Yes, my personal preference are ERP projects where there is a lot of thinking behind the processes. What I like is when the customer has a business need, but doesn't have a precise idea of the solution they want. At that point, you have to think: do we just need a small IT change or do we need to rethink the way the business operates? I find it very challenging to try to improve a customer's processes and develop a tool that really adds value to their business.

Is there a project that has stood out for you since you joined Deuse?

There are several, of course, but I would still go for the Spa GP project. We developed a mobile application, soon to be released, where visitors can find their tickets for the event, view the Spa-Francorchamps circuit and find all the information for the day.

I really like this project, because it required a lot of thought, especially regarding the processes in the ticketing flow. The goal was to extract tickets from a third-party system and make them accessible to visitors in the most logical way. We thought about the best way for visitors to find their tickets in the application and we also worked hard on the UX/UI of the app. It was a very interesting process and we came up with some efficient solutions.

What I also liked about this project was the general audience aspect. Getting the chance to promote a product from our country internationally is pretty cool! So it was a very enriching experience.

What do you enjoy about your work?

What I particularly like about my job is the variety of tasks I have to perform. I am lucky enough to work on very diverse assignments, from the very beginning of a project and the client side to the technical side of development. The tasks involved in meeting a client's needs are very varied. This variety keeps me motivated and ensures that I keep learning.