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Managing Director

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Julien Deuse

Julien holds a master's degree in Civil Engineering (electronics) from the University of Liège and then a master's degree in Management from KULeuven. In 2016, together with his twin brother Maxime, he founded Deuse, our IT engineering company.

Julien takes care of the project team: he makes sure projects run smoothly, gives his vision on the projects that are a bit more complex and is a role model for the developers.

My favourite moments are when customers are delighted with our services and also when the team is enthusiastic to be working on challenging projects - it's a real boost!

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Do you have a favourite type of project?

The projects I love most are the ones that require me to do a lot of thinking to come up with an elegant solution that is perfectly tailored to the customer's needs. Especially when the solution is not obvious, I dive into the deep end: these projects force me to get into the skin of customers and users, to understand their expectations and also those of the company as a whole.

It is a challenge that allows me to be creative, but also to build a connection with the people involved in the project. No matter whether the solution chosen is a mobile application or a web application, what I like is the thought process involved

What inspired you to set up your own IT engineering business?

While we were still studying, my twin brother Maxime and I launched an international web toon platform. It worked so well that a Silicon Valley company bought it from us. This first success experience confirmed our dream of starting our own company on the one hand and pursuing IT development on the other. We realised that we had most fun developing the product itself, the web platform.

Once this project was completed, we thought about what we would do next and soon decided to continue developing products, but this time for others. I think it's safe to say that was a good idea.

Is there a project that has stood out for you since the launch of Deuse?

For me personally, the partners stand out rather than the projects themselves: since the launch of Deuse, we have had the opportunity to work with a huge number of people who have given us a better understanding of their business, enriching our own expertise.

One of the projects where we have particularly learned a lot, both humanly and technically, is that of Nomics. Their company specialises in developing and selling sleep diagnostic devices, where customers can perform their own sleep tests at home. It was a real 360-degree project where we were able to think everything through.

We designed a complete solution that covers the entire process: a desktop application that retrieves the data recorded by their devices, a web platform with an interactive dashboard that allows the data to be analysed and exploited, and ERP software linked to the web platform.

It was a challenging project where we were able to create a complete user experience because everything is linked together. It was also truly collaborative in human terms: throughout the development process, we exchanged views with our partner to build the product together.

What do you enjoy about your work?

There are many things, but two things motivate me in particular:

Our team and seeing how far we have come. As the team has grown over the course of the years, it has also become stronger and stronger, which is clearly reflected in the products we deliver. Everyone has their strengths and we know how to build on them. I am therefore immensely proud of the quality our team offers our customers.

The projects we develop: it is motivating to follow up the projects, from application to final product. I even notice that the developments we present to clients are often better than what they initially asked for. I continue to enjoy exceeding both ourselves, and client expectations!